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weapons are available

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A tax audit can unnerve any company's tax team

Taxpayers are facing increased government scrutiny and complex requirements.  Are you prepared to aggressively defend your tax position or skillfully approach your tax determinations?

The most well-intentioned taxpayers gain a eye-opening perspective and an awareness of the tenacity of the IRS and state tax audit efforts.  Evolving political landscapes and increased legislative focus on indirect taxes are also major concerns.  We predict tax audit and tax collection efforts will increase to bring in more revenue, both at the state and IRS levels.


"Our business revenue increased a lot in a couple years. My eye was on direct taxes, because profits were still slim. Admittedly, our team failed to properly address our indirect tax determinations and compliance. We hadn't filed registered everywhere and we knew we'd need a wide VDA porject. Now that our tax function cleaned up all tax registrations and accounts, the focus is finally off of the past and we are back to bringing in better automation and seeking out opportunities."

Tax leader, Manhattan


Tax trouble can cause stress for your team, and these issues aren't easily resolved.  For taxpayers starting the audit defense journey, it's important to have a clear roadmap of what should be deployed to maximize financial benefits while controlling costs.  Tax audit defense and tax consulting are meticulous processes that requires a systematic approach.  

Razavi Legal can help small and medium-sized business taxpayers achieve better control over tax issues, and:

  • comply with and respond to tax authorities;

  • formulate and execute audit defense and tax compliance strategies for indirect tax issues;

  • consult on uncertain tax determinations; and,

  • transform tax risk and compliance into business advantage.