Be a winner...
with your home purchase

SMART NYC BUYERS PROTECT THEIR INTERESTS with experienced deal-making attorneys

Representing a buyer’s interests is about identifying the “unseen”, and understanding the value being exchanged

What you don't know is always the most costly.  By developing a careful understanding of the information at hand you are better positioned to negotiate and execute your transactions.  That's because a home purchase is more than choosing a new home - it's a sophisticated business deal.  

A fluid mortgage environment, a competitive property marketplace, growing price tags, all have combined to increase your risk exposure.  With experienced deal-making attorneys, you'll be better able to anticipate twists in the road, identify opportunities, and accelerate into deal changes, rather than suffer through them. 


We help our clients seize potential and avoid pitfalls.  Unlike legacy approaches, which often focus on isolated steps of the overall process and can decrease value and increase risk, we work alongside the transaction shareholders to activate our clients' vision and adapt with agility across the entire deal process.  By working with Razavi Legal:

  • you'll better understand your deal's weak spots;
  • have access to attorneys who have the tools necessary to detect, respond and resolve these risks; and,
  • we'll help you safeguard your most important financial transaction, so you can concentrate on your transition and creating your home.